Tax Advisory London

Living and working in London means negotiating the complexities of the UK tax system. Do you need a tax advisory service in London? We can offer a tax advice service to cover all aspects of personal and corporate tax advice, planning and compliance.

Personal Tax Advice

Making your personal tax return each year is a bothersome task and when you have a complex portfolio that you want to ensure you only pay the tax you are required to. It makes sense to hire a tax advisory service such as ours. Higher rate taxpayers, such as those in the capital, earning over £100,000pa often need remuneration planning.

OTax advisory on Personal Property

If you have property in the UK then you will need advice in property taxes. Other taxes involving property are inheritance tax. This tax is becoming more and more prevalent as property prices rise and the threshold stays the same. Inheritance tax is particularly a problem in London as the housing market is rising exponentially. Planning trusts for your estate holdings will need advice, along with Capital Gains tax reporting with the 60/30 day rule. Buying and selling is even more complex. It may depend on whether you are a resident or a non-resident landlord. Our tax advisers can help here too.

Domiciliary and residency in UK

Avoiding paying tax twice on income will depend on your domiciliary status and origin of income. This area of taxation can be complex and not easily understood. We at AccountingPreneur have specialist knowledge in these matters and can advise you.

You may wish to maintain a non-domiciled status, which will also require careful tax planning. Dual residency is a position where you are residing in two or more countries. Your tax obligations are then for both countries. Working out how much you need to pay the HMRC will therefore need some assistance. London has a long tradition of being a home from home to people from all over the globe.

British Citizens abroad

For British citizens living and working abroad, you will require help to make sure your national insurance is protected, letting you get the full pension and benefits. Paying taxes in your country of work or residence will be important too.

Help for your Personal tax return is available from £250 plus VAT, per annum.

Corporate Tax in London

Tax advisory service in London

Effective corporate tax planning can result in potentially significant improvements to your bottom line. We generally work with companies prior to their financial year-end to identify ways in which corporation tax can be mitigated or deferred.

Planning and submitting the CT600 corporate tax return is a task most company owners would rather entrust to professionals. We are in London and ready to take over the accountancy activities of your business. Preparing your corporate tax return and exploring all the avenues of tax relief available to companies.

Share Incentive Plans and Enterprise Management Incentives

Company share schemes such as Share Incentive Plans and Enterprise Management Incentives can be used to lighten the tax load. If your company chooses to reward you with company shares then you can, in certain circumstances, avoid paying Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax or National Insurance. Do be sure to check before, as the rules are strict. At AccountingPreneur we can guide you before purchasing shares in your company.

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

This scheme is great for allowing you to grow the company. This time giving tax relief on investors buying shares. The rules for these schemes changed in 2020, so if you would like to take advantage of them then now is the time to seek advice from specialist tax advisory services such as ours.

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

Are you in the early stages of a business? Start-ups and small businesses can benefit from this relatively new scheme to aid investors in your business. The aim of the scheme is to stimulate entrepreneurship and kick start the economy.

Research and Development

Research and Development attract its own tax relief benefits. In small business cases, you can deduct an extra 130% of your qualifying costs from your yearly profit, as well as the normal 100% deduction, to make a total 230% deduction. Larger businesses also profit from a tax credit- Research and Development Expenditure Credit. You can claim for multiple projects. The rules again are confusing and knowing what aspects you can claim on is imperative if you want the maximum tax credits.

Super Deduction

Investing in plant and machinery for your business also attracts tax relief. Known as a super deduction. This deduction can be made up to two years after the purchase/ Investments qualify for a 130% capital allowance deduction. It is important to know which items can be claimed for and so letting a professional cast an eye over your recent company purchases may find some savings on your Corporation tax bill.


Value Added Tax is paid on goods and services in the UK, around 20 % is added to each item. It is the responsibility of companies to collect VAT and to pay it to the HMRC. Through various schemes and rules, you can lighten the tax burden and reduce the amount of VAT you have to pay.

AccountingPreneur the tax advisory in London

Our tax consultants are right here in London, ready with our tax advisory services. We are experts in all aspects of personal and corporate tax issues.

Please contact us for more information on how we can ensure you only pay what you need to to the HMRC in the UK.