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Pay only the VAT you owe

Navigating the VAT returns maze is one of our specialities. Knowing which items can be claimed for and which cannot is something business owners can find difficult. We aim to solve the dilemmas and make sure you are only claiming what is correct and therefore only paying what you need.

Filling out a tax return is far easier when all the items have been categorized. Plus, makes sense to ask the experts before making claims to the HMRC.

As a standalone service, our VAT service can be cost-effective if you are happy with the overall bookkeeping and payroll. However, you could consider off-loading this task with our bookkeeping services. If you further this by handing over your payroll, you may never need to talk to the HMRC at all!

The Benefits Of Using VAT Services

As a business owner you, quite rightly want to concentrate on building the business. Delegating tasks is a sign of good business owners practice. Finance is not everyone’s forte. VAT returns are one of those areas of taxation that most people find confusing, so giving this task to someone else can bring huge relief.

It is easy to miss VAT claims and therefore miss out on vital cash for the business. Alternatively, it can be easy to miss paying for VAT on items you should have, this could ultimately lead to difficulties with HMRC and even fines.

Our team of qualified accountants have been honing their skills in spotting issues and giving VAT advice. Leaving us to do this task will leave you free to do what you do best.

If you are planning purchases or upgrading IT hardware, you can consult us on potential VAT returns claims or losses. Doing this prior to purchase means no surprises and can help you make more cost-effective choices.

Charging VAT on your own products and services means reporting and paying these to HMRC. Let us make sure that these payments are correct and prevent you from getting severe penalties.

receipts and purchases can often be found hidden in bank details or card statements, we can help you find them, as every penny counts when calculating VAT returns.

We can support you

The internet combined with online accounting software means that, although based in London. we can support you throughout the UK. However, if you would like us to attend your premises and provide support on a face to face basis, we can do this.

Whichever accounting software you are using, such as QuickBooks, Xero and Sage, we are familiar with them. We recommend using cloud accounting software to manage your books, as it allows access wherever you are. Keeping receipts is made easy with scanning technology right on your smartphone. Some banks support this by providing .pdf facilities for your transactions through their app.

You can outsource all your VAT services to us or receive support and advice on organising your returns and preparing your financial statements. We provide VAT services for small business owners that suits them. Whatever level of support you need, we have got you covered.

Would you like training in VAT for your staff members? We can accommodate this too, either online or face to face on your business site.

We support all sizes of business too, whether you are a. sole trader, SME or larger.

Our team of experts

All of our accounts are fully qualified and experienced with all main accounting systems. We have been supporting businesses like yours for many years and have accumulated lots of experience in doing so, therefore we understand the challenges you may face in navigating the complexities of VAT tax rules.

At AccountingPreneur we provide VAT, bookkeeping and payroll services, so you can leave all the financial record keeping to us. As business owners ourselves, we understand all the nuances of business transactions, payments in and out, invoicing, bills and reconciling these figures, so we also know where VAT services fit in the equation.

We like to think we are friendlier than the HMRC helpline, we certainly are on your side in any dealings with them. Let us lead you through the value added tax maze and ease that headache for you.

Is it time to soothe your VAT liability headache?

We will be happy to hear from you and talk through this option. We love working with businesses that are proactive towards sorting their financial affairs. If you would like to discuss your VAT liability with us, do not hesitate to contact us today.

What We Provide

A Designated Person

We will ensure that you have one person that is your designated team contact to ensure continuance. This person will be the one who runs your payroll so any queries will be handled quickly and with ease.

You will be given access to the payroll team and your contact via a direct phone line and email. All queries will be answered within a 24 hour period.

Salary Sacrifice

We can advise you on salary sacrifice options such as the provision of a company car for employees and any employment benefits such as bonuses.


If an employee has an incorrect tax code, or a non-beneficial tax code, our team of experts will lease with HMRC on your behalf to sort this out.

We make sure that your systems are up to date with any changes in HMRC legislation and changes to PAYE schemes. Keeping on top of the constantly changing rules is vital to having a smooth running payroll system and avoiding any penalties for not doing so.

Safety and Security

Our state of the art payroll system ensures minimal room for errors. We also check the results to ensure a problem free payroll run every time.

All data is securely encrypted and stored for you to access at any time you need, for a minimum of seven years, as required by law.

Data security is our top priority and our portal is highly secure. We also use encrypted emails and have a secure online payroll dashboard for employees

Reporting to HMRC

Our payroll software will send a Full Payment Submission (FPS) to let HMRC know about all payments to your employees including any deductions that you have made.

We make sure that the FPS is sent on or before your employees’ payday as per HMRC guidelines even if you pay quarterly rather than monthly.

HMRC require a consistent reporting of pay. For example, even if payday falls on a Bank Holiday and employees are paid early, they still want the entry on the regular payday. We make sure of this consistency.


We are approved to pay salaries via BACS and can also make any pension payments, HMRC and 3rd party payments on your behalf.

Most importantly, we ensure your employees are paid the correct amount every time and on time.

We understand that payroll is something that you just want to run smoothly without having to worry about it.

Your staff want to be paid the right amount, on time, every time. We know that you want to ensure this happens.

At AccountingPreneur, our systems ensure that this is exactly what happens. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your Payroll.

Auto Enrolment Systems

We can advise on and set up auto enrolment pension or personal pensions such as SIPPs. This will ensure the smooth running of any pension plans taking the pressure off you and making sure you are compliant with all legislative requirements.

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Personal tax planning

AccountingPreneur can help with the complex issue of personal tax, we know it can be difficult to understand, which is why we help every step of the way. We take away the time and stress by creating a tax planning strategy that suits your tax affairs, helping ensure you pay the least amount of tax. Our team will advise when payments are due along with what forms need to be filed and returned to keep you compliant.

Capital gains tax

You may be looking at investments, a second property or another asset and our team can make sure you maximise your exemptions while simplifying the difficult area of capital gains tax.

Self assesment

Our tax services make sure that your tax liability is calculated taking into account all allowed exemptions and deductions. We simplify the process by using accountancy software to accurately complete tax returns and calculate any tax liability that may occur, along with any payments that need to be made.

Corporation tax

Corporation tax reliefs and rates change annually, so we ensure that we can provide all the right guidance and advice when looking at exemptions, allowances and deductions that may be available. We will thoroughly review and prepare corporation tax returns in great detail in order to ensure you are compliant and that you don’t incur any penalties.

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